UA Continental 6
Denver, Co

The screen of the big house, #5.
Originally built for the D150 70mm format, it features a 3 1/2 story tall insanely curved screen.  It was going to be demolished, but UA rescued it by renovating it with new equipment and adding 5 more theatres.  It is now one of the busiest theatres in Colorado.

The booth to the big house.  A new Christie lamphouse lights the commonly used projector (Christie P35GP) on the right.  In the distance sits a Norelco AA2 that hasn't been used for years.  They both share the same Christie AW3 platter.

A better shot of the projector in the big house.
It has DTS, SR-D, and SDDS.  It uses UA barcode Laser Scanner automation.

The sound rack to the big house.

A shot of the new booth with the other 5 projectors.
2 of the houses are THX (but not the big house).

Special thanks to Joe Redifer for taking the pics.