Mann's Colony Square 12
Louisville, Co

Here is the exterior of Mann's themed 12 plex.
Be patient, as 15 other pictures besides this one gotta load before the page is done.

A lobby shot.  Nice and bright.  There are actually two concession stands, one on each side of the lobby.

The "digital marquee".  If it ain't digital, it ain't no good!  This philosophy applies to every aspect of life.

One of the four large auditoriums with the curtians up.  Check out those sconces on the wall!

A shot of the same auditorium from the booth perspective.  Gaze at those sconces a little longer, will ya?

A booth shot that seems to make clear that the projection room is the ideal place to store old standees!

Another booth shot.  Check out the cup on the floor.  That's how clean the floor is!
You can put your cup on it and not worry.

Simplex projectors, Xetron lamphouses, and Christie platters run the shows here.
This auditorium features both DTS and even a Dolby Digital penthouse reader.

A shot of the very same projector taken by Mr Jeff Skallan about 3 years ago.  My how times have changed since then.

Another shot of the projection system, but this one has a soundrack in the picture
4 Dolby CP65's and 8 Ultra Stereo units pump out the sound here.

SDDS powers one of the auditoriums!  When it actually works, it is said to be almost impressive.

Check it out.  This is interesting.  Notice a 3rd drive has been added to an old DTS 2 disc unit!

A shot of the back of the machine with the drive added.  It actually works!

Xetron Maxi 12XPC automation makes sure to keep the movies running.

A shot of the make up area.  The epitome of cleanliness and organization.
All projection booths should have an Oscar Meyer weenie!

Another random shot of the make up area.