Cineplex Odeon Garrick Cinemas 4
Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Cineplex Odeon's Garrick Cinemas front facade on Garry Street. This photograph was taken the day after it closed.

Close-Up of marquee on a dark night.

One of two concession stands, right beside eachother. They are seperated by Garrick 2's doors.

This is the original Woman's washroom. It is underground. No other part of the theatre is.

Here is a marquee above Garrick 1's doors.

This is the balcony Garrick 1. It has 6 "trenches" in the ceiling, with a light bar in each trench.
This auditorium seats 607 patrons. It was a Cinerama house with a D150 screen.

This is the main floor seating of Garrick 2. It is similar to Garrick 1.
This auditorium seats 778 guests, and is currently under construction by its new owners.

This is the new wing that was built on in 1981. It contains 2 smaller washrooms, 2 smaller auditoriums,
and a common projection booth. Garrick 3 is on the right of this picture and Garrick 4 is on the left.

This is a view from the screen of Garrick 3. On record, it has 260 seats. This is the smallest room.

This is the curtain in Garrick 3. Behind it, stood a fairly large screen.

This is the projection booth for Garrick 2. It had non-operator side platters, DTS sound, a CP200 and 35/70mm
capability. Garrick 1 and 2 had 5k Xenons, Garrick 3 had a 1.6K Xenon and Garrick 4 had a 4K Xenon.

Here are seat parts for the different auditoriums. The Garrick 1 and 2 seat parts are on the top, the Garrick
3 and 4 parts on the bottom. This area is located between the original building and the new addition

This is the booth for Garrick 3 and 4. Garrick 3 had mono sound, Garrick 4 had Stereo with a CP200,
35/70mm capability and 272 seats. Every auditorium had peg board automations.

Special thanks to Andrew McCrea for the pics.