UA Colorado Center 9
Denver, Co

The exterior and entranceway.  That's not scaffolding, but part of the design.

The big house (#9) under construction.  This house runs normal 35mm prints, but also has a Christie/Westrex 70mm projector with variable pulldown speed.  It can do normal 5-perf 70 DTS or even 8-perf 70.  It was not used until the one week run of "Titanic" (pics below) and is on loan from Christie.

This is a typical UA auditorium under construction.
This house will ultimately have more seats than the big screen auditorium.

This is the "B booth" as the staff here refers to it.  It uses the standard Christie projector/platter/lamphouse package.  There are 3 booths total.

OOOPS!  Wonder how long that port glass will hold out with the turret hitting it?

The booth for the big screen, which is nearly 80 feet tall and can accomodate both 35mm formats and 8-perf 70mm.  The 70mm projector is on the left.

A shot of the 8/70 in action, one of only a few demos it has run.  Very similar to the Showscan projectors used in various UA Starport locations, except the brush cleaners have been replaced with PTRs and it uses a platter instead of a reel system.  It has an electronic adjustment for the pull down and can do 8-perfs at 24 frames per second, 5 at 24, 30 or 60fps, and various other settings.

The setup for the one week run of "Titanic".  The platter was moved to the non-operator side.  Wonder why they didn't use a 70mm take up ring?

Better shot of the platter holding this monster sized film.  Guess they didn't have any 70mm suction cups either.

The Christie projector in operation.  According to people who have wrote in to Film-Tech the image was not steady, even with 70mm!

Special thanks to Joe Redifer and Bevan Wright for taking the pics.