Cinema West Clover Cinema 4
Cloverdale, CA, USA

The newly remodeled marquee and front entrance of the Clover.

Looking good with the neon working!

The lobby here is a bit cramped for a 4-plex, but it gets the job done.

Another view of the lobby.

The Snack Bar at the Clover.

The #1 booth: Simplex 1050 and 5-Star on CFS SX2000 console.  Due to a design error with the stadium seating, the projector had to be elevated almost two feet higher to allow the projection beam to clear patron's heads in the back three rows.

Another view of the #1 console showing the hole that was cut into the ceiling to allow the console to elevate.

Another view of #1. This machine is a bear to thread, as stepladders are required as well as a couple of helper rollers between the platter and the top reel arm.

Back view of #1 and its CFS Super Platter. Note the original portholes from the single screen's booth on the left wall.

The rewind benches and platter in #1.

#1 sound rack: USL JSX1000, Component Engineering 6-channel monitor, DTS-6D, and QSC 1400 amplifiers. Speakers are Apogee screen channels and subwoofer and JBL surrounds.

#2 booth: Simplex 1050/5-Star on CFS Sx2000 console with a CFS Super Platter.

#2 sound rack: Dolby CP55, Component Engineering MS55 monitor, QSC 1400 amplifiers. The #3 and #4 amp racks are identical to this except they have QSC MX700 amplifiers. Auditoriums #2 and #3 have Apogee screen speakers and JBL surrounds. #4 has Altec screen speakers and JBL surrounds.

#3 booth: Simplex 1050/5-star and CFS console and Super platter.

A closer look at the Simplex.

#4 booth as seen from #3.

Another angle of the #4 machine.

#4: another Simplex 1050/5-star with CFS console and Super Platter.

Special thanks to Scott Neff for the pics.