The Civic Theatre
Auckland, New Zealand

The restoration of the Civic was not a complete restoration as some things were altered and other things not done because of cost.

The foyer used the original stair-Case to the Wintergarden Cabaret, the concession stand used to be there.

A new Fly Tower was built and the original Layout was changed, it used to have 3 tiers ,the Grand Circle and Circle(3) and to Winter garden Cabaret, the circle used to sit directly under the grand Circle, they put a bar behind the restored Stair way(1) and pushed the seating to the stage, now the wintergarden is not open to the theatre and has its own roof (4) and stars.

You can see where the Original Circle was , between the edge of the Balcony to the stage there used to be no seating and you could see into the wintergarden (which used to open after the movies), a favourite place for the US forces stationed here during the 2nd World War .

= Some of the many decorations around the theatre walls and hallways.

More decorations around the theatre walls and hallways.

= The stars are now computer controlled and can show different settings (led lights) with Sirius heads.

The Scary Panthers ,protected the stage and the eyes blinked green.

The 2 balconies (well I still think they are) my favourite spot was in the middle of the bottom Circle as you could put your feet up on the hand rail in front of you and look straight at the 70ft  Scope screen with no heads in front and plenty of distance between you and the stage, disappointing in flat.

Special thanks to Paul and Maria Cassidy
(Booth pictures coming)