Loews Cityplace 14
Dallas, TX, USA

The Loews Cityplace at night.

As is becoming standard at Loews theaters, the box office is conveniently located in the lobby so patrons do not have to stand outside during bad weather.

Managers can always be found here at Guest Services (except of course when this particular picture was taken).

The extra wide hallways to the auditoriums.

#13, the big house.  (No the film is not scratched.  This is a time lapse shot and there was little bits of snow falling in the movie at this point.)

A wide view of the projection booth.

One of the standard sound racks with a SMART Mod 5 and SDDS digital.
QSC amps have replaced the Haflers in this particular rack that failed.

Newly built rack for #13 with SDDS-8, dts, a Dolby CP-65 and all new QSC amps to replace the Haflers.

Shot of #13 rack from behind.

#13 running a film.  All projection equipment is Christie.

The main build-up area.

A standard setup with the platters to the side of the sound racks.