Cinemark Webb Chapel 17
Dallas, Texas, USA

The front entrance to the Cinemark Webb Chapel 17.

The entrance to the auditoriums is on the left and the concession stand as well as other lobby items are to the right.

Video games in the rear along with "Studio Eats" and ATM machines.

The main concession stand.

Exit hallway (lobby to the left).

The main auditorium hallway.

The incredibly large booth.  Someone could drive a car through here!

This is #5, one of two 75 foot screen auditoriums.
This auditorium is powered with a Christie SLC 4500 watt lamphouse and Christie gearless projector.

The "Super Duper Mega (something-or-other)" sound system.  About half of the sound racks in this complex have cheezy names, as noted by their bumper stickers at the top of the racks.

The rest of the theater uses Century projectors.

Check out the placement of the slide projector, nicely placed up and out of the way.

Projectors #1 and 3, next to the IMAX auditorium.
When the IMAX went in, #2 went out, so technically this "17 plex" is counting the IMAX screen.

Shot of a small auditorium's sound rack.

Century with film running.

CFS lamphouses and SPECO platters are used in every auditorium (except for #5).

Some of the projectors (for the medium size theaters) are up on platforms.

Reverse of above projector.  (Note the cheezy bumper stickers were accidentally placed backwards on the racks so that it now reads "digital sound system - Cinemark mega".  Oops!)

A few of the auditoriums on the ends are actually a bit cramped and as a result some of the platters have to be an extended distance from the projectors.

The main work station.

This is the other 75 foot screen auditorium.  Everything is the same as the other, except for it has the original CFS lamphouse and Century projector.  Compared to the Christie 4500 watt, this CFS 7000 watt puts out substantially less light.

An excellent example of why it is good practice to thread all penthouses at all times, regardless of whether they are being used or not.