GCC Chestnut Hill 5
Chestnut Hill, MA, USA

Exterior view of theatre.  The entrance (shown) faces away from the road.  Parking is shared with an adjacent shopping center.  This was originally built in 1979 as a twin and has gradually morphed into a 5-plex.

The upper booth for cinemas 1-3.  Walking from here to the lower booth requires going through either cinema 2 or cinema 3, both of which have center-aisle/stadium seating configurations.

Cinema 1.  Century JJ (mag penthouse removed and stored in back closet for reasons unknown) with water cooled gate and 3kw lamp.

Reverse shot of cinema 1.

Cinema 1 sound rack behind platter.  This house is THX certified. CP200, THX booth monitor, dual power supplies for CP200, SA10 EX box, QSC and Ashley amps, DTS player in roll-around rack.

Cinema 2.  Century SAW with 2kw console and Dolby cat700 reader.  That old B&L scope lens is actually very sharp.

Cinema 2 sound rack on operator side (platter is behind projector in above photo).  CD player and distribution amp (for movie tunes), CP500 with SRD, SA10 EX box, QSC amps, exciter supply.  Status panels for lower booth are at left of rack on wall.  Booth monitor is currently out for repair.

Cinema 3.  Century SAW with 2kw console and SDDS reader.  Platter is to the right in this picture.

Cinema 3 sound rack located behind console.  CP45 (yuck), monitor, QSC amps.  SDDS unit is in blue roll-around rack to right at bottom.

Cinema 4.  Century SAW with 2kw console and platter behind console.

Cinema 4 sound rack on operator side.  CP55 monitor, DTS player, Ashley and QSC amps, exciter supply.  Note Xetron automation box on wall at left.

Cinema 5 at last!  Yet another Century SAW with 2kw console.

Cinema 5 sound rack.  Yup, that's a CP200 with MPU1 and, no, the projector doesn't have a penthouse.  [This was a recent upgrade from a Kintek system...]  DTS player and QSC amps.  Note compressed air tank and custom slide projector mount.

"Atlantis" being loaded onto platter for pre-screening.  "Pearl Harbor" is running.  Note humidifier.

PTR rollers.

Rewind bench with splicer, sync block, etc.

Status panels in lower booth.  Drive-in speakers allow the operator to monitor the sound for each theatre, although they aren't currently connected.

B&W monitor in upper booth allows checking cinemas 4 and 5 for picture and framing and not much else, due to the poor picture quailty of the security cameras and monitor.

Special thanks to Scott Norwood for the pics.