Chehalis Theater
Chehalis, Washington

The marquee is in the process of being restored.  Note the old time border chasers.

This theater first opened in 1938 and was converted into a videotape rental store in 1985.  That video store was closed in 1994 and then it was converted back into a movie theater in 1997.

Snack bar.

Before and after shots upon converting it back to a movie theater from a videotape rental store.

Opposite angle.  Note the organ on the left side.

Strong platter in foreground.  Strong Super Lume X 2000 watt lamphouse.

RCA 1050 soundhead and Motiograph AA projector with DTS reader on top.

Dolby CP-45 processor with DTS digital sound system installed in May 1999 for Star Wars.

A shot of the new Seating Concepts contoured tall back seats with cupholders.

Shot of the front of the building and marquee after a fresh paint job.

The boxoffice and entry underneath the marquee after a new paint job.

Special thanks to Ken Layton for the pics.