Chartiers 24 Destinta Cinemas
Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

The upper lobby.

This theatre features stadium seating in all auditoriums.

This is one of the two THX houses.

Main booth for the 2 THX auditoriums.

All screens have Xetron consoles, Erneman 15 projectors and Strong platters.

The Ernemann 15 projector.

Back shot of the projector and console.

The velvet gate bands and curved gate of the new Ernaman 15.

The optical soundhead with laser scanner and fiber optic light pipe.

The rack of one of the 2 THX houses SDDS DFP3000 with SA10 and AB amps Keloniks Speakers

All the non THX houses have EPRAD DSS processors with Yamaha Amps This one is a four channel
other are 6 channel with either a DTS6D or DA 20.

One of the EPRADS set up for centre surround in the smallest screens.

Technician making the final checks to the system.

Special thanks to Gordon McLeod for the pics.