CFS Gearless Projector
Showest 99, Las Vegas

Front view of projector. The main difference between this projector and a true electronic projector is the use of a stepper motor to drive a standard "Ultramittant type" intermittant. There are 6 stepper motors in the machine. One for each sprocket, one for the intermittant, and one on
each of the two shutters. The drive electronics module is simple and has built in self diagnosis. A laptop can also be hooked in through a serial port for further diagnosis or reprogramming for other film speeds, etc. Loop size is fully adjustable while the projector is in operation.

Rear view of CFS electronic projector. The 6 stepper drive motors are evident in the picture. The larger stepper motor which drives the intermittant has additional heatsinking attached. The drive electronics package is on the left side of the unit. Only 3 tools are needed to change any part of the projector!

Special thanks to Mark Gulbrandsen for the pics.