Century Theatre (indoor) and Century Drive-In
Lindsay, Ontario, Canada

An Eprad double mut provides film to screen 1.

Screen #1 is 40 feet wide.  Notice the lower flat area for 1.66 films.

The booth looking toward screen #1.

A Tall Texan handles film for screen #2.

The automation for screen 1.

AM transmitter.  (FM now installed.)

Century projectors with 2 Kneisley converted peerless lamps.

Screen 2 during construction.  The screen is 60 feet wide.

Gordon (disguising himself with a beard) on opening night of the single indoor downtown witih the 70 Prevost running Back to the Future 2 in 70mm.

Prevost 35/70 projector on an EPRAD Sword (modified to 35/70) and a Xenex 1 lamphouse.

Looking into the booth door.

Custon Cinetron 3 channel dimmer system.

SPECO platter and Ultra Stereo processor with Peavey amps.

Custom Cinetron automation.

Special thanks to Gordon McLeod for the pics.