Cinemark Colorado Springs 17 with IMAX
(under construction)
Colorado Springs, CO, USA

A medium size house at the new Cinemark 16 plex + IMAX.

A large house.  This complex is all stadium seating.

This is the IMAX room.  No lights were available, but there is a VERY steep dropoff at the front.

Hard to tell, but it's a good 12-15 feet down off of this edge.

Reverse shot of IMAX auditorium showing booth wall.

Large auditorium as viewed from 2nd level walkway over lobby.

A medium sized auditorium with speaker platforms ready.

Side shot of same auditorium showing the stadium seating.

Shot of identical sized auditorium as above, but before stadium risers are finished.

Some of the larger auditoriums require the use of projector platforms to raise the projector high enough to clear patron's heads.

Another platform.

Storage underneath the stadium risers in a big house.

Main lobby.

Main hallway, still missing it's walls.

Medium auditorium with insulation up, but not much else yet.

Side shot of front of building at side exit.


Close-up shot under risers in a small auditorium.

Small auditorium from screen view.