Chicago Cinema Museum

Bell and Howell 2709 camera on the left and a Lumiere camera on the right.  (Left pedestal)
Credits:  GM, SN, TR

Mitchell camera in the middle.
Credits:  TR

A Mitchell NC on a McAllister crane dolly
Credits:  TR

Another Mitchell NC on a McAllister crane dolly.
Credits:  TR

Bell and Howell Eyemo on the left.  An Aricon in the middle.
Credits:  TR

Top shelf is a Mitchell NC.
Bottom shelf is a Bell and Howell on the left and an Arriflex blimp in the middle.
Credits:  GM, TR

Mitchell NC camera.
Credits:  GM, TR

Early RCA drive in speaker on the right and Ikegami camera.
Credits:  SN, TR

Two RCA television cameras.
Credits:  TR

Special thanks to Mark Gulbrandsen and Kerry Williams for the pics.

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Credits for these captions given to:
GM:  Gordon McLeod
SN:  Scott Norwood
TR:  Tim Reed