Colorado Cinema Holdings L.L.C. Chinese 16 at Arapahoe Crossings
Aurora, CO, USA

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Welcome to the "Colorado Cinema Holdings L.L.C. Chinese 16 at Arapahoe Crossings".
This theater holds the record for longest name of any known theater complex.

This theater was originally built by Mann Theatres and was sold in the spring of 2000 to Colorado Cinema Holdings L.L.C.

Inside are 6 box office stations in two kiosks.

This is the main lobby, located directly behind the box office kiosks.
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View of the main lobby from the rear.
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One of the two large hallways.

This is the south projection booth containing projectors #9-15 as viewed west.

This is also the south projection booth as viewed east.
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#9 equipped with a Dolby digital basement reader.  This theater uses Christie equipment exclusively.  Christie P35GPS projectors, SLC lamphouses, AW3 platters and CA21 automations.

On the wall beside the central booth desk is the collection of mylars since the first day the theater opened.

View to the left of the central booth desk, showing projector #15.

The central film work station.

Wide shot of the south booth as viewed from the central film work station.
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The booth desk with Christie/Pennywise CA Link software running.

The north booth with projectors #2-8.

Closeup of a Christie projector outfitted with DTS.

Reverse shot of the north booth.
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One of the small sound racks with Ultra Stereo JSX-1000 processors and DTS.
Screens #1-8 are DTS and screens #9-16 are Dolby digital.

A sound rack for a medium auditorium equipped with Dolby CP65 processor and DTS ES extended surround decoder.

One of the two THX sound racks with Dolby CP500 and SA10.
Colorado Cinema Holdings L.L.C. has dropped THX certification as of November 2000, so the THX monitor will soon be replaced with a Component Engineering monitor.

One of the two booths for the large auditoriums.  This one is for #16.

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A shot of #16 as viewed from the projection booth just before a show.  This theater does run slide advertisements, but the slide show stops 2 minutes before the presentation starts, which is when this picture was taken.

Pictures of a 2 screen interlock.

This is #10.

The film is being fed to #9.

Slightly different angle of above.

Shot from above as viewed from #10.

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