Capitol Theatre
Listowell, Ontario, Canada

The Capitol Theatre in Listowell Ontario was built in the very early days of film as a single screen and ws recently twinned placing the second screen at the stage end of the building 90 degrees to the old centerline. These pictures were taken when red leds were being installed.

This is the snack bar in the lobby

This is the screen in cinema 1 is an MDI screen Speakers are by Studio Lab

Looking to the back of auditorium 1 from the walkway to booth 2 over the hallway leading customers to cinema2

This is auditorium #2

This is the hallway leading down the side of the building to auditorium #2

Both booths have RK60 series Vic8 35/70 machines. Cinema 1 has a Super Lumex lamphouse

The rack in cinema 1 is a front/surround Smart Mod2b

Both booths has CFS Super Platters

The Vic8 in booth 2 with a Kneisly Enarc conversion

Machine 2 again

Cinema 2 also has a front/surround Smart Mod2b

Analyzer and scope set up on platter during LED install

Looking in the booth door of booth 2

Edlo (Raven) PAC2 automation and Dimmer

Special thanks to Gordon McLeod for the pics.