Broadway Cinema
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA

Main entrance to the theatre. Mini-Golf to the left and The Butterfly Pavilion (now closed) to the right.

A closer view of the box office, all 8 of them.

Interior shot of the lobby from the front right corner looking across.

The main lobby area from the front right corner looking in.

Another view of the lobby.

Christie package in #8. Featuring Hi-Tech automation, SR-D, DTS and CP500. 3000w lamphouse.

Sound rack for #8. All QSC 850 amps, DTS-6D & CP-500.

#8 projector with penthouse readers for the DTS & SR-D formats.

#8 Christie package in motion

Booth level looking from #12 back to the booth office.

Side wing with houses 13 thru 16.

Side wing with houses 1 - 4.

Houses 5 and 6.

House 6 with QSC 850's and Smart Mod II-B and DTS 6.

Christie package with DTS penthouse reader

Houses 8 & 7.

Houses 10 thru 12.

Original view of the theatre in '97 prior to the mini-golf and Butterfly Pavilion (now closed) coming into the complex.

Special thanks to Jason Black for the pics.