Ian's big trip to Bradford, England

View of Bradford England looking out from the Museum.

Old Imax projector on display in the Museum of Film & Television.

Thomas Hauerslev of Copenhagen Denmark presenting an award to the fellow who scrounged all of the Cinerama equipment for the Museum.

Audience awaiting Cinerama show.

Pictureville Bar where I had a Chicken Tika sandwich with Mint Sauce and Chutney and a London's Pride beer.

Left Side of the Gaumont Kalee GK 21 35mm Projector. This was manufactured in Leeds between 1948 and 1958. Abraham Kershaw began manufacturing Kalee projectors in 1911. They were used widely throughout the cinema industry. Kalee was acquired by Gaumont-British in 1943 and became part of the Rank Organization in 1947. The firm closed in 1958.

Thomas Hauerslev and Graef Allen.

Gaumont Kalee projector open.

Gaumont Kalee projector in the lobby of the Pictureville Cinema in the Museum of Film and Television, Bradford England.

Dick Vaughan next to the dubber used for Cinerama.

One of the three Cinerama projectors loaded up with clips of Cinerama films.

Left hand (A-Booth) Cinerama projector.

Cinerama shipping cans. One Cinerama feature needs 8 reels in 8 film cans.

Gaumont Kalee information plaque on the projector display.

Gaumont Kalee projector.

Cinerama sound rack, the patch board is for the two different. sound systems.

Bradford's new Philip DP70 projector.

Philip DP70 projector, the Pictureville Cinema has 3 Cinerama projectors, one Cinemaccanica Vic 8, and the Philip DP70, they also have video and 16mm.

Dick Vaughan next to the Vic8.

Dick's feet next to the Vic8.

Close-up of the Cinemaccanica Cinerama projector.


Ian next to the Gaumont Kalee projector in the lobby.

Widescreen Weekend group photo.

Pictureville Cinema video set-up viewed though a window in the lobby.

Another Widescreen Weekend group photo.

Odeon cinema in Oxford UK.

Ian tries out a Smart Car in a dealership that is in the Green Park Tube station in the London Underground. A Smart Car was developed by Mercedes Benz and is 8 feet long and powered by a 650 cc turbocharged engine in the rear of the car.

Special thanks to Ian Price.