Mann's Bowles Crossing 12
Littleton, Co

The exterior of Mann's Bowles Crossing.  It features THX in all 12 auditoriums.

The lobby.

A long shot of the booth at Mann Bowles Crossing 12.
This wing has 8 projectors, which are actually numbered backwards (12,11,10, etc...)

Projector #10 with a DTS and a Dolby Digital reader.
Bowles crossing 12 features Cinemeccanica projectors, Xetron lamphouses, Christie AW3 platters, and Xetron Maxi12xpc automations.

Basement SRD reader in one of the Cinemecannicas.

This is the office at where film is assembled and the trailers are stored along with the film cans and booth supplies.
The mylars/gels on the wall is somewhat of a tradition of the Mann Theatres in the Colorado area where they collect one mylar/gel from every movie ever shown at the theatre.

Interlock between 2 projectors, using a ceiling mounted tension bar to keep the failsafes up.

Special thanks to Joe Redifer for the pics.