The Beverly Drive in Theater
Hattiesburg, MS. USA

Photo taken of the main entrance. This was originally a single screen theater and was converted to two screens about 20 years ago.

Concession stand full of hungry moviegoers.  Some of those folks are wondering who that tourist is with the camera.

Photo of screen one. Sorry I didn't get the dimensions, nice parking lot though.

Photo of screen two. This screen was added on later in the Beverly's life and access to it was a little rough.

Outside shot of the booth showing the ports towards each screen.

A shot of screen two's Projector and platter. Note the trainee on the right.

A shot of the screen one's projector and platter system. In this photo the assistant is being shown how to thread up the projector and how to lift the platter ring.

Another shot of the platter for Number two. Both platters are Christie AW3's.

A picture of the number two projector, a nice vintage Motiograph AA and Motiograph SH7500 soundhead complete with mono pickups.  The lamphouses are both 4KW Strongs Super 80's. Both projectors are Motiographs and use the same type lamphouses and utilize water cooled gates. However I was snooping around and noticed that neither one had any coolant flow. bad pumps. Yucky water too.

A little bit of clutter is a good thing. Didn't see any FILMGUARD  there.

A nice shot of the Beverly's workbench. How bout that rewinder. Watch out hands.

Special thanks to Samual Hunter for the pics.