Kerridge Odeon Berkeley Cinema
New Zealand

Nov 15 1973 Add when The "Berkeley" was part of the "Kerridge Odeon" Chain of theatres, at this time it had a Stalls & Circle Lay-out (upstairs and Down)

Not the best picture of the Theatre ,but this was it's Last night as a single .

Looking out to the street , doors closed for the last time.

The original Ticket Box, this had been moved into the New lounge area.

looking out to the Entrance , this used to be the entrance to the Stalls , changed to a single floor cinema , it is now the Bar Lounge .

The Concession Area, with Kiran (Owner of the Crystal Palace Cinema) and the Manager and projectionist of the "Berkeley".

Stairs leading up to the Auditorium (Staff taking the curtains down) on the left is the remote controls for the Automation , focus etc.

Shoot from the screen to the Box , Now 4 cinemas take up this space.

Final credits of "Titanic" and the last customers.

Slide Projector and Spares , the box of videos are the security videos as this cinema was robbed at one stage while a movie was being shown.

As the Projectionist was also the Manager , he needed a way to get to the Box office without disturbing the show , so this is his way down , the roof of the concession box is seen below , he walks across the roof to another ladder & in to the managers office.

A 5 deck platter sits between 2 Twin Victoria 5's , the one close to the door is only used for Reels (Emergency or one off shows with intermission ) so I don't know why they have a 5 deck ?

Here you can see the film path set up and the manager dressed as a Captain (for "Titanic") the other projector is not set up like this.

The humble Rack with Non Sync on top (5 Disc CD)

Kiran having a last free Ice Cream.

Staff having a final Drink to the Grand Old Lady.

Special thanks to Paul Cassidy for the pics.