Star Cinemas Bel-Aire 4
Dallas, TX, USA

Lobby of the newly re-opened Bel-aire theater.

Auditoriums are down this hallway.

Shot of the large auditorium.

#3 in the "front booth".  Cinemecannica V5 projectors, CFS lamphouses and Super platters are in the front two auditoriums.

Wide shot of the front booth.  Eprad Starscope sound systems installed in all 4 auditoriums.

Mysterious boxes and cans of old film were left laying around from decades past.

Also, an impressive trailer collection of semi-recent trailers.

Auditorium #1 (identical to #2) with Century C projectors, Xetron lamphouses (only running 2000 watt lamps) and Norelco platters.

Auditorium #2 showing the cramped quarters.
All platters are scheduled to be replaced with Christie AW3s next month due to constant platter problems.