Film-Tech Gathering page 2
Dallas area, Texas, USA
July 26, 2002

After dinner we went to the Film-Tech Screening Room for a flick.

Josh ponders what it would be like to thread the machine.

So he gives it a shot, standing on a stool, stretching as high up as he can.

It should be noted that despite running through all of the penthouses and never threading a Century JJ before, he got the path correct without help.

Paul just playing it cool while John grabbes his preferred seat early on.

A couple of planned shots:  Josh and Paul.

James and Josh.

Josh, John and William..

Josh finds "sliding" entertainment on the tile floors in his socks.

Others hang out in the booth.

Darren and James in the booth (with John still guarding his preferred seat and William trying to snag the projectionist's seat).

Back row:  John Stewart
Second row from back:  William T. Parr, Paul G. Thompson, Josh Jones, James R. Hammonds, Dwayne Caldwell
Third row from back:  Don Sneed, Bobby Henderson, Jason Burroughs
Fourth row from back:  Darren Crimmins

Thanks to Paul G. Thompson for most of these pictures.