Film-Tech Gathering
Dallas area, Texas, USA
July 26, 2002

The day started at the Dallas/Fair Park IMAX theater.

Like the Fort Worth OMNI theater, the booth is enclosed in glass where we were able to gawk at the operation.

The dome screen is far too large to completely capture without special lenses.

Josh, Dwayne and James.

After the show while deciding where to eat, Bobby, John, Don, James, William, Josh and Paul (others out of lens).

"Steak and Ale" ended up being the destination.  From left to right James R. Hammonds, William T. Parr, John Stewart, Don Sneed (with family), Darren Crimmins (at head of table), Jason Burroughs, Bobby Henderson, Josh Jones, Paul G. Thompson, Brad Miller and Dwayne Caldwell.

Now that dinner is taken care of, it's time for this group of film people to head out for another movie.

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