Astra Theater
Aabyhoej, Denmark

This theater ran from 1936 til about 1983, the last 12 years with these two Bauer U3, Prevost 4 ch mag sound.  The last two years desperately fighting to survive by running porno from morning to late nite.

70mm conversion stuff for U3 - and Prevost 4 ch amp

One of the two Bauer U3

U3 # 2 from behind

U3 # 2 with man. 3-lens turret for 1,75 - 2,35  and 70mm

U3 # 2  - 1600 watt Xenon - Top left: Prevost mag preamp

Overview: 2 x Bauer U3 35/70, 600 fette c/o  Top right: Prevost 4-ch monitor

Special thanks to Per Hauberg for the pics.