Mann Arvada Old Towne 14
Arvada, Colorado

Here is the exterior of the Mann Arvada Olde Towne 14.

A close up of the front.  There is actually a little rotating ball with the number "14" on it.
All must bow to it before entering the complex.

The box office staff wonder what the hell we are doing taking pictures of them.  We're not.
We just wanted to get a shot of that incredible "Coyote Ugly" banner!

A reverse shot of the lobby, looking towards the entrance doors.
The concession stand is an island in the middle of the lobby.

A shot of one of the large, tiled booths.
That's the projectionist standing way down there looking towards the right.

Xetron platters provide plenty of entertainment for the bored projectionists.

The booth desk.  This is where all of the strategic planning takes place.

Simplex projectors, Xetron lamphouses, and Maxi12XPC automation!

No theater would be complete without some sort of basement Dolby Digital reader!

Check out these funky failsafes.
Xetron Maxi12XPC automation must see a whole bunch of cues in a row just to execute a single function!

Every auditorium is THX.  This one has Dolby Digital.

A shot of the other booth.  You could play soccer or rollerblade in these booths!