Paramount Theatre
Austin, Texas, USA

This is the house right opera box. These were removed at one time...most likely when
they went to scope in the 50's or earlier when they converted to full time movie house.
The boxes do block the view of the screen in places.

This is one of the chaneliers hanging in the balcony on the house right side.
Someone has to go into the ceiling to wench this bad boy down for cleaning and relamping.

Shows the arch above the stage and the painting of the patron saint of Arts...maybe.

A close up of that painting.

#1 machine - w/DTS and Dolby digital reader

#2 machine - Dolby digital reader only

The inner lobby - not a good exposure but this is how the place looked in the 70's. The poster cases have been removed.

This is what it looked like in the 70's with the gold curtains. You can see the surround speakers on either side of the stage.

We used to have a curved screen with a tilt up towards the booth to correct for keystone. This frame was removed in the 80's when the theater put together a show and needed the space over head for the play. I was told the frame took up 6' of space.

These are the heads they had until about 4 years ago when they put the JJ's in. The carbon arc lamps were removed during the 80's I think.

The old spot lights used here. There were still in use in the late 70's.

A shot of the booth from 1947. Still have the bases. Don't know when they removed the Brinks and put in the Centurys.

Shot of the house from the balcony

The house was set up for a HD shoot of a Tejano comedy show for HBO or someone in Nov. '01

Don't remember what 70mm prints these were. Had several of them in the booth but no film racks for them.

Special thanks to John Stewart for the pics.