Anacortes Cinemas
Anacortes, Washington, USA

Main entrance to the Anacortes Cinemas

Sidewalk in front of the building looking east.

Picture of lobby projection booth wall. The mural was painted by a local artist. He did a very good job.

Concession area at the main entrance.

Lobby as viewed by auditorium hallway.

Auditorium No. 1 Audience Left.

Picture of auditorium No. 1 and its screen as viewed from the auditorium entrance.

Auditorium 2

Auditorium 3

Full 2:35 ratio screen in House No. 3, employing top and bottom movable masking. (When it works.)

Entering the Projection Booth, at Projection Station No. 3.

Our emergency lamphouse and power supply mounted on wheels. Once in a while we had to use it because a Super Lumex died. All we have to do is throw the Super Lumex on the floor, toss the ORC on the lamp table, and throw the switch. The ORC is hard wired into a breaker panel with an 8/4 SO cable that allows enough cable to reach any projection station. The WD-40 can is what I use as a “flyswatter.”

Operator’s side of Projection Station No.3.

DTS sound rack for Projection Station No. 1 with CP-55 backup in case the DTS6-AD dies. (which it has now than then)

Far end of the Projection Booth looking East. Note the 350CFM auxiliary blowers on the lamphouses.

Special thanks to Paul G. Thompson for the pics.