AMC Grand 24
Dallas, Texas, USA

The lobby of the first megaplex, the AMC Grand.

Reverse shot of the lobby.

Rear view of the box offices.

View of the largest auditorium.

The buildup/work area.

Shot of a medium sound system.

All booth equipment is Strong and SDDS is on every screen.

Wide shot of the booth.

The air conditioning system tends to clog up the booth and make moving prints difficult.

There is very little space between machines.

Some of the sound racks are backed up against a wall, making servicing difficult.

Another shot showing how cramped the booth is.

Reverse shot.

Employee lockers and an unknown print.

More cramped booth space.

The port windows have been covered in black cloth, with only the actual glass area required to project being left open to keep ambient light out of the auditorium.

Closeup (although very dark) shot of the port masking.

More cramped quarters.

Wide shot of the central film work area.