AMC Seattle Cinerama
Seattle, WA, USA

The auditorium while standing in front of the screen. Able and Charlie booths are just out of frame on either side.

The curtain closed over the mammoth strip screen. This photo taken from the balcony

Another angle of the screen. Taken from just to the right of Baker booth.

Able Booth - From the auditorium

Able booth, from atop the stairs just inside the door.

Able booth projecting the left side of Windjammer during Act 1.

Baker Projector from just underneath the Baker port glass.

Inside Baker Booth.

Baker booth projecting the center portion of Windjammer Act 1. Note the colored gel for correcting the redness.

Charlie booth from atop the stairs.

One of the three restored Century/Cinerama projectors. These three projectors came from Peru. This one is Charlie projector.

Another shot of Charlie booth.

Charlie booth projecting the right side of Windjammer Act 1.

The 7 track sound reproducer located in Charlie booth.

Windjammer onscreen during alignment. The stock was eastman and has totally faded red.

Notes: All three projectors were projecting through a greenish gel to try and offset the redness. The result was so monochrome, it was nearly black and white. This photo was taken while the three projectors were being brought into alignment for this particular film. Each different 3 strip print needs to be manually aligned with adjustments to the gates. Windjammer was the only "Cinemiracle" production which was essentially a Cinerama knock off, but photographed with 3 modified Mitchell cameras with the two outer camera lenses focussed into mirrors. The join lines in projection did not use the saw tooth Jigolos in the projector gates, but rather optically faded the outer edges of the frames on each strip for a smoother overlap.  Cinemiracle was also designed to operate out of one booth with the two side panel projectors projecting back into mirrors to throw the image to the appropriate side of the screen.

Special thanks to Sean Weitzel for the pics.