Ambridge Family Theatre
Ambridge, PA, USA

The Ambridge Family Theatre, Ambridge PA is the only single screen, independant theater left in Beaver County. Seats 134, (plus wheelchair spaces).  Started in the late 1960's when the Warner chain closed the local branch, the Warner manger decided to open his own place in what was formerly a sewing machine store!  Everything had to be custom fit!  When you walk into the auditorium the screen is behind you!  Owner, Glenda Cockrum ( booking, PR, advertising, painting, box office etc..) Rick Cockrum, projectionist, plumber, electrician, computer programmer, bookkeeper and "Honey do you think you can do something about this" allround good guy and great husband!  ( How many husbands do you know who would listen to their wife ramble on about "this wonderful little theatre" and actually go out and buy it, never having been in the business before!)

Entrance, we are trying a new color scheme, that's me peering from the booth.  Received a facade renovation grant to upgrade, marquee is "grandfathered" will be upgraded, newer lights and wiring, reworking the neon, repainted etc..

Tiny concession stand, but packed full!  The former owners had no soda or chocolate!!

Old seats have seen better days!  I will be recovering as money allows. I was told they came from Radio City but am not sure?  There is "stadium" seating in the last four rows, simple wooden risers almost to the portholes!

The monsters!  Old Strong carbon arcs and Super Simplex with RCA heads, it really gets hot!

The booth is very tiny, but that and the heat keeps out the busybodies!  You can see the small screen.

We are running mono through a very old "Sound of the Theatre" system, hoping to upgrade the booth as money allows.

Special thanks to Glenda Cockrum for the pics.