Angelika Film Center
Houston, TX, USA

Welcome to the Angelika Film Center in Houston.

It's not an Angelika without a big chandelier in the lobby.

In the rear is a coffee shop and an expanded concession menu is served from the stand on the right.

The Angelika Houston uses an all-Strong package.

Here we have Century heads, Highlight II consoles and DMC platters.

There are 3 booths here.  This shot was taken from the upper booth at the end.

This shot was taken from the middle upper booth in the middle.  Behind the stairway and opposite the 6000' reels is the main building station.

Shot of the upper middle booth.

This is the upper end booth, housing only two projectors.

Each Angelika has a DCS mini-dlp projection system with which they played "Standing in the Shadows of Motown".  This one at Houston worked like a charm. Others across the country apparently had a lot of problems.

Apparently the floor either wasn't built high enough, or the port windows were installed too high.  Regardless 4x4 wood elevates the consoles as seen here.

This is a shot of the large auditorium's sound rack.  CP500 with Dolby digital and dts digital.

This is representative of most of the sound systems at the Angelika Houston.  Sony analog only processor without digital.  QSC amps power all auditoriums.

The main trailer workstation.

We close with a view from the "projectionist's emergency exit" balcony, accessible only from outside the upper end booth.  A projectionist smoker's paradise!