Admiral Cinema
Seattle, Washington, USA

The marquee and box office.

The lobby.  The portholes overlooking the lobby are the management offices.

View of the lobby from the mezzanine.  The seahorses on the chandelier are made of etched glass.

Pier 2 auditorium.

Pier 2 auditorium looking toward the booth.  There is a muriel behind the drapes.

Pier 2 equipment - Simplex 1014 projector, Simplex 5-Star soundhead (exciter based), Strong X-90 console and Strong AP platter.  The screen originally had a CP55, but has been replaced with a DTS 6-AD.

Projection equipment for Pier 1 auditorium is identical to Pier 2, except this house has a Dolby CP55.

Special thanks to Ken Layton for the pics.