16mm on a Platter???

That's right.  No we weren't kidding!
Can you say "southern engineering at it's best?"

A better shot of the setup.
A slightly modified Kodak Pageant projector was used in conjunction with a 1000 watt ORC integrated lamphouse.  The platter is a Christie AW3...standard in your better theaters.

Since we obviously couldn't move the 35mm projector out of the way, we used the slide port window.

The 16mm film cleaner.  Formerely a 70mm cleaner.
It's been awhile since we've used the system.  Can you tell by the shrunken leader?

We estimate the standard AW3 platter can hold about 24 hours of non-stop 16mm film!
That is a 2 hour feature currently loaded up.
Check out the shiny platters!  Read about it in the TIPS section "Christie Platter Tweeking".

Back view of the system.  It takes two rollers to get the film over the edge of the alignment board to go back to the platter for take-up.

Notice the Magnacom zoom attachment to fill those larger screens!

And of course, the "side by side" comparison.
The 16mm actually put out 16 footlamberts of light on the screen!

The #5 auditorium with masking pulled to 1.33 aspect ratio.
These pictures were taken at the Granada Prestonwood.
The system was designed by Film-Tech.